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Topical Therapy

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To discover the latest in topical therapy for pruritus, keratinization disorders, and skin infections, please visit douxo.com

Douxo S3  Skin Care
Douxo S3 Product Sheet
Information about topical therapy and Douxo products
Product Title Author
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                                                                             Case reports and articles
CALM DOUXO S3 CALM Lilly Feline Hypersensitivity Michael Rossi
CALM DOUXO S3 CALM Jazzie Atopic Dermatitis Pierre-Marie Cadot
CALM DOUXO S3 CALM Nalla Atopica Dermatitis Susanne Ahman
Chlorhex DOUXO Chlorhex-Mousse Kittens Pyoderma Elisha Zuraiga Sanchis
PYO DOUXO S3 PYO PADS Rita Bacterial Overgrowth Pierre Fiora
PYO DOUXO S3 PYO Lana Bacterial Overgrowth Pierre-Marie Cadot
PYO DOUXO S3 PYO PAD Jasmine Malassezia Helene Dropsy
SEB DOUXO S3 SEB Grace Ichthyosis Chiara Noli
SEB DOUXO S3 SEB  Megan Hypothyroidism Chiara Noli
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