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    Curtis PlowgianCurtis Plowgian

    Are you in a residency program where you have to study by yourself?

    Have you met other residents at conferences that you would like to study with, but you live in different time zones, so it is difficult to find time in your busy schedules to study together?

    Consider using a digital/online Flash Card service. Once you put in the work of creating flashcards for yourself, you not only have a resource for quick study that you can access anywhere from your phone, but if you have a group of friends that you would like to study with, you can pool your flashcards together, and benefit each other’s studying, even from the other side of the world!

    Companies that help you to make these Flash Cards include Brainscape and Chegg (previously Study Blue):

    Usually, to access premium features and share cards between accounts requires a paid subscription, but a year’s subscription in the year leading up to boards may be well worth it! If you know any other resources like this (free or paid) that might be worth taking advantage of, please comment below.


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