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About Dermavet US has, for over 2 decades, been the only website in France (and at its founding, the world) dedicated exclusively to educating pet owners and veterinarians about the specialty practice of veterinary dermatology. In the last few years, its founder, Dr. William Bordeau, has expressed interest in expanding the presence of Dermavet into other languages, with English being his first priority, since so much of the world speaks English, and so much of the world’s most advanced scientific and medical research is conducted in English.

In 2013, Dr. Bordeau met a 4th year veterinary student (and aspiring dermatology resident) named Curtis Plowgian at the North American Dermatology Forum in Louisville, Kentucky. The future Dr. Plowgian had been a French major in college, and the two men forged a friendship at that meeting that was renewed at each of the following North American conferences until the pandemic shut in-person meetings down. By that point, now Dr. Plowgian was a board-certified dermatologist, and eager to share his new-found knowledge of veterinary dermatology with the broader public and veterinary community, but the pandemic had driven many meetings and educational opportunities online, so the time seemed right to bring Dr. Bordeau’s dream of an English-language Dermavet site to fruition.

Dermavet US is the product of friendship, and unique and unusual circumstances. We aim to help bring a sense of online community to the world of veterinary dermatology, and help put pet owners and veterinarians in touch with information and resources that will help all of the flaky, crusty, balding, smelly, oozy, and itchy animals in our homes and clinics. Our website is sponsored by industry-leading companies of medications, topical therapies, and pet foods in the veterinary dermatology space, and this sponsorship keeps this site and all its resources free to our users. We are very grateful to them for their support, and to you for visiting our website.

Check back with us on a monthly basis to get the latest in clinical cases, news and product announcements from our sponsors, and announcements for conferences and other CE opportunities. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the site!

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