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Check here every month to find the latest articles published about veterinary dermatology (and occasionally human dermatology) to help stay informed on the latest research and findings.

We have restricted our article searches to articles written in either English or French, and to articles published about dogs, cats, and exotic pets.

There sometimes can be a lag time between when an article is published, and when it is referenced, so keep this in mind when searching for a particular article.

We do not legally have the write to share published copies of the articles with you, but some of the articles can be obtained via Medline(Pubmed), or other open source providers, or if you have access to the journals directly via a professional membership (e.g. AAVD) or through your clinic or veterinary school, you can access the articles that way as well.

To see the latest articles from each month, just click on the link for the month that you are interested in.

Articles with a salmon-colored background are available for free download.

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