Check out Feline Focus Month on Royal Canin Live!

Last year’s Feline Focus Month was a hit on Royal Canin Live, and so get ready for another round of pure feline awesomeness this year!

We are thrilled to announce that it will be promoted through our usual channels and in collaboration with our esteemed partner, AAFP.  Together, we’re taking the feline world by storm, showcasing the unbeatable quality of our content and solidifying our position as the thought leaders in the feline space.

Hold onto your whiskers because this year’s Feline Focus Month is going to blow your mind! We’ve got not just one, not two, but a whopping 13 learning opportunities lined up for you in August. Brace yourself for 11 captivating Vet-focused CEs and 2 tailor-made Vet Tech-targeted CEs. It’s an incredible chance to expand your knowledge and take your expertise to new heights! Click Here for the schedule!

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